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Hello and thank you for visiting my site. I am an illustration artist who enjoys creating multimedia content for television, game development, web design and music. I have many years of experience with a pencil and a mouse producing graphics from illus-tration to editing effects and animation. I have generated many key frame based pro-jects. I also write and compose music. Plus i use After Effects for special effects, vid-eo editing, and sound. I look forward to joining a creative team, or working on my own to create media content for exciting projects. I am currently producing content that is immersive and Gear VR compatible.
2 0 4 1 Portrait In Pencil

Photo-print no text 11x8.5 $11.11

Photo-print no text framed 11x8.5 $33.33
Printed to Canvas no text 14x11 $77.77
Printed to Canvas 2041 14x11 $88.88
Printed to Canvas no text framed 14x11 $99.99
Printed to Canvas 2041 framed 14x11 $111.11

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